Fidlar (USA)


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After many years of pause, Leftfield made a comeback with Alternative light source  album. On 5th December, they had an awesome concert @ Les Docks, Lausanne.

See how far from Earth have our music hits have traveled. Although our hits reach up to 100 light years in space according to this website, due to Inverse-square law they would not reach more than a few light years in reality. After a few light years, they would become just a background noise. Nevertheless, pretty fun web site eh?

This incredible Choir is a piece that combines voices and hydraulic jacks. Together combined, they form a dynamic body that changes its expression through various positions and interactions. The idea behind this is to create new melodies through sound and movement interactions. Author’s idea is that through different physical states and singer positions to create different melodies. In the following text, you can read Artist’s concept and see the Choir’s performance: Read More