Mental upgrades are underway. I lost on quantitative thinking efficiency, then I figured out that my last few years of education were only qualitative. It’s a two edged sword.

I finally got confirmation of my “information snuff amnesia”. Looks like the way we see information and approach to them has a lot to do with this. Read the full article here. There is a good thing behind that, our common digital collective memory is on the rise. Even if there is no collective unconscious we are building it now. There is one rather enjoyable paradox in a previous sentence.

Ever wondered if dream recording (oneirography) is possible? Tomoyasu Horikawa from Kyoto University in Japan made a big step forward towards in this field. In a paper “Neural decoding of visual imagery during sleep” published last year in Science journal his team made a step forward by interpreting fMRI data to decode visual imagery.

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A while ago, I wrote about Dmitry Morozov’s (media artist and a experimental sound engineer based in Moscow) metaphase sound machine. One more project worth mentioning is Solaris.

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Dmitry Morozov is a media artist and a experimental sound engineer based in Moscow. You’d definitely want to check his work. Among them you’ll find how tattoos make music, how mind changes liquid movement, how to create audiovisual transition based on EEG data. He is also maker of lot’s crazy toys and instruments. Dive in and feel free to explore his works on! I won’t spoil too much here.

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Scientists from Cambridge, England have found characteristic signatures of consciousness in the brains of people in vegetative state. Using graph theory they showed that richly connected networks are impaired in patients. Those patients lack in ability to successfully integrate information across different parts of their brain.
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